Portentous petraportals - Episode 7 (Yuffians in Space)

Ch 6 - Meta-only

How come this planet's only in the meta?

Jumping joy

Jump to the star in meta which is not in normal.


There’s a Venus-like planet, a large Earth-like planet, and a Jovian (resolution unknown).

Transfer to Terran

During a 2-week low-energy transfer (to conserve fuel), while passing close to the Venusian the center of the ship experiences some severe faults, including a Geordie version of Victeur. Only Nathan experiences this as he’s on watch at the time.

Meanwhile, {John} is asleep and dreaming of problems with the ship.

The party decide to sleep in pairs from here on while in meta-space.

The Venusian planet is not very detailed. Looks like drawn with broad brush strokes.

At the Terran

The planet looks fully rendered and proper. Quite Earth-like and habitable.

Some orbital shenanigans ensue and a couple of plane-shifts. Net result VL takes 100 points of damage, and the planet is verified not present in normal-space. Over the next few days Nathan fixes 1/2 of it.

There is no sign of high technology. Global population maybe a few million. Mixed life signs. Odd domes around settlements and mountains.

Beam me down

The party take a gate to the planet surface. There they see up-close the odd domes that they clocked from orbit. They appear completely smooth and glass-like. Very much like the shell around Yuff, but not as thick.

A horse-and-cart a little way off proceeds towards the settlement. The 1/2-sized, sturdy-built occupants (2) look as if made of water/glass with a glow from inside. They do not respond when Nathan runs up and shouts “Hello”.

They go through the dome which does not appear to block their access at all.



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