Portentous petraportals - Episode 7 (Yuffians in Space)

Ch 9 - Recovery in the Green


Folks get some healing

Let’s take a trip to the edge of the village and see what (if anything) has happened in Green as a result of shennanigans in Purple.

Some folks are confused and disoriented, Think there was a wall fallen down, but it’s actually fine.

An evening in a tavern for Nate; others go to bed.

Following day

When well enough, the boys look at the probe-like thing from the black plane… and promptly blow it up.

There’s an alarm of a tentacle attack.

Spentas and Nate go into the purple to deal with (it turns out) a hexadecapous and 2 octopouses. One octopous gets summoned into the Green and promptly disected by Cujo. In the purple, an illusory hexadecapous delays folks for a moment. The remaining octopous tries to harm the guys but fails. Takes some damage. Both the octopous and the hexadecapous teleport away.

A dotriacontapous briefly appears, followed by a wave of monopouses.



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