Portentous petraportals - Episode 7 (Yuffians in Space)

Ch 10 - Aftermath

What about the longer term?

Following week

Several more tentacle attacks follow, but spread over a wide area (surrounding villages). Each time a couple of the party are sent to deal with them, and each time the tentacles teleport away as soon as folks arrive.

After a week of this the attacks suddenly stop.

3 days later the locals make the party guests of honour at a midwinter feast, believing they have scared away the tentacles, so good times will follow.

Rewards and Preparation in case

Synaris agrees to bodily visit the Purple plane to be taken to Yuff, there to study the planetary shield. In the 2 days for him to prepare folks for his “long voyage” there is still no tentacle activity. Maybe they really have been scared off.

Synaris and the party go to the Purple and contact VL. A portal later and they’re all on the ship. Moments after, they are at Yuff.

Spentas and Synaris go down to the shield. Synaris meditates (in space suit) to try to analyse the shield. Spentas keeps guard. May have seen a Tetrapous on the shield where before he’d only seen Dipouses.

Nate repairs VL

Cujo does some analysis of the runes they all saw.

Hemp works on VL’s security protocols.

After a bit of a standoff once all are back on the ship, Cujo adds the others to VL’s crew manifest. They all go back to the Green planet and drop off Synaris. 2 days later they contact him by portal to see if he has an interplanetary comms device. Then they’re off to an Empire colony (at last!) :-)



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