Portentous petraportals - Episode 7 (Yuffians in Space)

Ch 8 - Meta Fight

The fight


There are 20 creatures approaching


On the outskirts of the city, so there are some houses and attached fields / stables.


Amesa Spen’tas jetted over, encountered the tentacles outside the city, and got a Tetrapous on his face. Pressor-beamed it away and was teleported away while in a blackout. Shot down and caved in a roof.

Synaris dispelled the blackout and went with Amesa to the edge of the city where the tentacles were. They arrived at the same time as Hemp and Cujo. Hemp ran in to cast death touch on a Dipous. It worked, but he then got smacked by a tetrapous and fell unconcious. Nathan arrived (how convenient).
Cujo sliced some, Amesa disintegrated a couple, Nathan shot a few. The humans in the green plane summoned a few (6) away including a tetrapous. An illusory hexadecapous appears then vanishes when Nathan emptied a clip into it.

Eventually Amesa managed to disintegrate the other Octopous at which point the remaining tetra- and di-pouses teleported out or ambled away, or continued trying to hug the watery people who inhabit the purple plane.


Cujo heals Hemp. Synaris gets the crew teleported out of the purple.

Before Cujo can be taken out of the purple plane, a Dotriacontapous appears some way away, then a tide of monopouses teleport along and past him before the dotriacontapous departs and Cujo is summoned away.



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