Portentous petraportals - Episode 7 (Yuffians in Space)

ch10a - Out to the lost district


Our party meet in a market and decide to go invstigate the week-long silence of a district in their lord’s region.



After travelling for an uneventful day, the group find a Gov-Buddhist temple in the middle of the wilderness. (AC) took a compel to stay outside and lose 1/2 his kit, and (JK} was simply denied entry as he’s a renowned martial artist so went to stay with him.

(AL) and (BC) went in and were fed and given a bed for the night.

Nocturnal intrigue

(BC) went wandering in the night and stumbled onto a secret ceremony. He escaped from the monk trying to carry him out, went back down, saw an interesting artefact in the cave, dodged the monk coming back for him then beat a hasty retreat and scarpered without said artefact.
(AC) intercepted the monks as they were chasing (BC) and stopped them pursuing.

(JK) meanwhile, had founda secret tunnel into the bowels of the temple. He saw all the monks run out after (BC), then went to take the artefact, which caused the cave to collapse on him.

(AC) came looking and “helped” (JK) get out of the tunnel, then back to his camp.

(BC) got back to the cart

(AL) gained some respect / trust from the monks

(JK) used the artefact and some fancy talking to get himself admitted to the temple and a hint that the artefact should not be exposed (fear or reverence?)



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