Portentous petraportals - Episode 7 (Yuffians in Space)

Ch 5 - Dreaming of home


Freaky shit.
“How are you feeling?… That’s how you look now” once per 30 mins or more for strong emotion.


He’s used all his super-power. Must recharge in orbit for 10 hours to TP or planeshift.


Yuff has a barrier around it, so VL can’t portal people down.

Base of tether has fuel for starfuries. Cryo pods can be used to ferry people down.

Barrier has twin-tentacle things shlupping around on it, ~1 / mile^2. They move semi-randomly in a ant-search style


in meta

After an hour on ship, in meta-space, people fall asleep.
Reports come through of “lots of freaky stuff”.
Some dreamers disappear from the ship.
Our heroes decide to knock ’em out with some gas to keep them unconscious, not dreaming.

Shift to mundane plane

Over the coming weeks ferry the colonists down to the ground.

Check in with Governor Jax. He wants our boys to check in on the other Alliance colonies.



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