Amesa Spen'tas

Amesa Spentas, or "the Holy Immortal", is a Bounty Hunter from an alien race


Amesa Spen’tas is one of the Immortal Elite from the planet of Ahura. He has travelled far in chase of a dangerous criminal known as Jin’Do and unwittingly met some intriguing alien races whom he is studying in an attempt to discover if they would be susceptible to conquest, or worthy allies.

He is generally selfish and calculating in nature which comes from many centuries of existence amongst his warring and harsh race. He has mostly forgone the more aggressive tendencies of the Tok’mas but can act on impulse without consideration for others especially when his own life is in peril as he is used to fighting and has good tactical combat knowledge.

He has access to a vast array of technology through his permanent exo-suit, such as concealed weapons, a jetpack, the ability to survive extended periods in space or other hazardous environments, regenerative traits, and even several odd abilities apparently utilising some kind of nano-technology, such as quick construction and deconstruction (summoning) of several automated drones which can assist him for various tasks (shield drone, targetting drone, gun drone, missile drone etc.).


‘Amesa Spen’tas’ roughly translated into Yuffian dialect means “the Holy Immortal”. He refers to himself with the full name his race give to this existential role rather than by a personal birth name, for it is his role in society which is of vastly more importance. While this name may at first seem righteous and selfless, in fact nothing could be further from the truth, for the alien race Amesa Spen’tas comes from is brutal and self-serving.

They call themselves the “Ahura”. Their society is quite technologically advanced as well as being deeply spiritual, but it also has an extremely brutal and dark side to it. They consist of an Elite few known as the Spen’tas (Immortals) ruling over the mass population known as the Tok’mas (Ephemerals) most of whom have little or no control over their lives, performing the tasks set of them by the Spen’tas whilst they themselves live in a controlled poverty. The Spen’tas, on the other hand, enjoy a life of relative luxury, taking what they want and doing what they want, and as a consequence they can live for hundreds of years (maybe even thousands, according to some Ahurian literature) whereas the majority of the population usually die to disease, famine, or internal fighting long before their bodies would deteriorate naturally. It is this ‘preserved’ state of the Spen’tas which is primarily why the position is fought over so much, and many even believe that the Spen’tas have access to a mysterious power unknown to the rest of the population which allows them to obtain this so called “Immortal” existence.

The Spen’tas are feared, for they rule via slavery and tyranny, and so the society as a whole has become brutal and aggressive. Most of the conflict amounts to the Tok’mas fighting for food and resources sparsely distributed by the Spen’tas in an attempt to avoid power struggles, but there are also attempts from the Tok’mas to reach the Elite status in a bid to achieve Immortality. To get to the top in this society is not a matter of birthright or education however, it must be hard won by one of several culturally accepted means to show that you are worthy of ruling. One of those, for example, being a solo hunt for an enormous and deadly beast known as the Mock’cha which resides on one of Ahura’s tropical jungle moons and is at least the size of a small Yuffian city block. Needless to say, one of these beasts is usually only slain every few thousand years at best. After this feat, an existing Spen’tas must then be directly challenged in a duel to the death, with the victor either defending their existing position, or rising to new power and obtaining immortality.

The Spen’tas also treat criminality with a strange ‘sports-like’ approach, using it as entertainment to channel the aggressive nature of their race into something other than struggles to usurp them. When an Ahura is convicted of a crime and they are deemed as dangerous for society, (usually murderers, rapists, thieves, bandits, assassins etc) instead of expensive incarceration, they are exacted a kind of ‘capital punishment’ by being exiled from the Homeworld and left to fend for themselves in the vastness of space. Provided with a basic interstellar craft, they are thrown out never to return again (some who try returning get shot out of the sky by the huge defence network surrounding the planet) and this is where the entertainment comes in for there is a sect within the Elite that exist as Bounty Hunters, attempting to chase down these criminals, wherever they may flee to. These Bounty Hunters are known as “the Holy Immortals”, or “Amesa Spen’tas”.

It is this sect from where our Hero has come. He was tasked with hunting an exceptionally dangerous exiled criminal known as “Jin’do” (Lying Traitor) who was caught and charged after several failed attempts at assassinating a high profile Spen’tas in charge of running his district’s mining facilities. Amesa Spen’tas has travelled a very long way in pursuit of this criminal and has unwittingly found himself amongst intriguing alien races (also where he believes his prey may have tried to hide). Whilst his primary goal is to find Jin’Do’s head to take back to Ahura, he also sees himself as a superior power amongst these other races and wishes to learn as much as he can about them for reporting back to the other Spen’tas. It may garner him increased power and respect, and could even lead to a new era of planetary domination in the Ahura’s future…

Amesa Spen'tas

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