Portentous petraportals - Episode 7 (Yuffians in Space)

Ch 13 - Finally, negotiations
Li'l bit tense

At the meeting site


Ch 12 - Empirial Colony negotiations
Tit for tat?

Scouting out

Went to planet an hour early
went to town, caused a stir
met magically able tp who informed that magic users are persecuted and although sometimes bad things happen around them they should be helped, not executed.

Passed cars on the way out to the meeting site.

Ch 11 - Empirial Colony Ahoy
How is this first colony doing?
Ch10 c-f

Turns out the lost district was in the grips of a slave revolution led by Kung Jim Li who can control animals, including the massive dragons (elephant-sized crocodiles) that have rocked up on the coast.
Our party join him, go with, destroy a hydro dam, steal some ancient artefacts and overthrow some local lords. When things start getting murder-y though they decide to cross Kung and grab power themselves
Kung was being manipulated by dream visions provided by tentacles reaching to his sleeping mind.

Ch 10b - Finding the lost district

It’s a secret :-p

ch10a - Out to the lost district


Our party meet in a market and decide to go invstigate the week-long silence of a district in their lord’s region.



After travelling for an uneventful day, the group find a Gov-Buddhist temple in the middle of the wilderness. (AC) took a compel to stay outside and lose 1/2 his kit, and (JK} was simply denied entry as he’s a renowned martial artist so went to stay with him.

(AL) and (BC) went in and were fed and given a bed for the night.

Nocturnal intrigue

(BC) went wandering in the night and stumbled onto a secret ceremony. He escaped from the monk trying to carry him out, went back down, saw an interesting artefact in the cave, dodged the monk coming back for him then beat a hasty retreat and scarpered without said artefact.
(AC) intercepted the monks as they were chasing (BC) and stopped them pursuing.

(JK) meanwhile, had founda secret tunnel into the bowels of the temple. He saw all the monks run out after (BC), then went to take the artefact, which caused the cave to collapse on him.

(AC) came looking and “helped” (JK) get out of the tunnel, then back to his camp.

(BC) got back to the cart

(AL) gained some respect / trust from the monks

(JK) used the artefact and some fancy talking to get himself admitted to the temple and a hint that the artefact should not be exposed (fear or reverence?)

ch10 (character gen)
Back to Yuff for chinese adventures

character gen for a brief trial of Fate RPG
bit of Pathfinder to fill time at the end

Ch 10 - Aftermath
What about the longer term?

Following week

Several more tentacle attacks follow, but spread over a wide area (surrounding villages). Each time a couple of the party are sent to deal with them, and each time the tentacles teleport away as soon as folks arrive.

After a week of this the attacks suddenly stop.

3 days later the locals make the party guests of honour at a midwinter feast, believing they have scared away the tentacles, so good times will follow.

Rewards and Preparation in case

Synaris agrees to bodily visit the Purple plane to be taken to Yuff, there to study the planetary shield. In the 2 days for him to prepare folks for his “long voyage” there is still no tentacle activity. Maybe they really have been scared off.

Synaris and the party go to the Purple and contact VL. A portal later and they’re all on the ship. Moments after, they are at Yuff.

Spentas and Synaris go down to the shield. Synaris meditates (in space suit) to try to analyse the shield. Spentas keeps guard. May have seen a Tetrapous on the shield where before he’d only seen Dipouses.

Nate repairs VL

Cujo does some analysis of the runes they all saw.

Hemp works on VL’s security protocols.

After a bit of a standoff once all are back on the ship, Cujo adds the others to VL’s crew manifest. They all go back to the Green planet and drop off Synaris. 2 days later they contact him by portal to see if he has an interplanetary comms device. Then they’re off to an Empire colony (at last!) :-)

Ch 9 - Recovery in the Green

Folks get some healing

Let’s take a trip to the edge of the village and see what (if anything) has happened in Green as a result of shennanigans in Purple.

Some folks are confused and disoriented, Think there was a wall fallen down, but it’s actually fine.

An evening in a tavern for Nate; others go to bed.

Following day

When well enough, the boys look at the probe-like thing from the black plane… and promptly blow it up.

There’s an alarm of a tentacle attack.

Spentas and Nate go into the purple to deal with (it turns out) a hexadecapous and 2 octopouses. One octopous gets summoned into the Green and promptly disected by Cujo. In the purple, an illusory hexadecapous delays folks for a moment. The remaining octopous tries to harm the guys but fails. Takes some damage. Both the octopous and the hexadecapous teleport away.

A dotriacontapous briefly appears, followed by a wave of monopouses.

Ch 8 - Meta Fight

The fight


There are 20 creatures approaching


On the outskirts of the city, so there are some houses and attached fields / stables.


Amesa Spen’tas jetted over, encountered the tentacles outside the city, and got a Tetrapous on his face. Pressor-beamed it away and was teleported away while in a blackout. Shot down and caved in a roof.

Synaris dispelled the blackout and went with Amesa to the edge of the city where the tentacles were. They arrived at the same time as Hemp and Cujo. Hemp ran in to cast death touch on a Dipous. It worked, but he then got smacked by a tetrapous and fell unconcious. Nathan arrived (how convenient).
Cujo sliced some, Amesa disintegrated a couple, Nathan shot a few. The humans in the green plane summoned a few (6) away including a tetrapous. An illusory hexadecapous appears then vanishes when Nathan emptied a clip into it.

Eventually Amesa managed to disintegrate the other Octopous at which point the remaining tetra- and di-pouses teleported out or ambled away, or continued trying to hug the watery people who inhabit the purple plane.


Cujo heals Hemp. Synaris gets the crew teleported out of the purple.

Before Cujo can be taken out of the purple plane, a Dotriacontapous appears some way away, then a tide of monopouses teleport along and past him before the dotriacontapous departs and Cujo is summoned away.


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