Portentous petraportals - Episode 7 (Yuffians in Space)

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Ch 1 - Departures

What will our former-Alliance old-timers discover when offered the opportunity of a lifetime?

Ch 2 - Repairs

The ship’s not spaceworthy

Nathan and Spentas go out to do repairs, Cujo and ?John? stay inside. Victeur provides Cujo with an earing imbued with gift of tongues- English.

2 days pass doing repairs

?John? has a wild tallent go at a new TP skill and retains it.

Ch 3 - To Mars
to see what's a-happenin' over there

To mars

Free from dock

With a team effort the party released the docking clamps and freed the ship. They then used a laser weapon on the ship to cut the station in 2 over several seconds.

This was after they’d detached the 2 starfuries and used their docking assistance to dock with the VL.

Orbit was raised to 600miles circular.

FTL hop

  • Victeur went offline for about 5 minutes.
  • The display dome rippled up a refresh to show fewer stars
  • The display dome rippled up a refresh showing the ship 1000 miles above the surface of Mars (still fewer stars)
  • The VL (ship, Victeur Lumier) started to fall

Cujo managed to pilot the ship into a stable orbit via a skim through the atmosphere.

In Mars Orbit

Once in orbit the party spent some time scanning the planet and local space for signs of the colony and any orbital structures. Orbit revealed nothing of interest (just a couple of old survey / comms relay satelites).

The surface scan revealed a colony SE of Olympus Mons, and 4 giant swirling vortices engulfing the mountains and extending into space. The vortices appear to be in 2 halves. The lower half made of some sort of high energy plasma, the top half impervious to analysis.

More detailed scans of the surface revealed the presence of a wrecked ship buried in the West side of a mountain about 1/4 of a circumference from the colony. Also the presence of widely scattered debris from that crash.

Crash site

Down to the planet via a stargate-esque gateway in Victeur’s gate room. 1.5 hour interval to recreate.

Spentas dug through the wreckage of the crashed ship and managed to bring a big enough chunk away from the remains of the power core for Nathan to analyse and determine that it was the remains of a substantial ship with shuttle, sans shuttle. It is of Communist Collective origin.

The Surface

Back up to ship. Wait. Down to colony (a mile S of main body)

From this vantage point the vortices do not appear to have a top half. Odd. Also some peculiar gravometric readings.

Walking to the colony gave no surprises or issues.

The Colony

The colony looks in decent condition from the outside. No tracks to be seen. Gaining access is easy, and inside is eerily quiet, though pressurised.

The crew explore the corridors a little.

Nathan (under guard from Spentas) connects to the computer which is very helpful (though a bit russian and basic ).. From there he received a colony commander’s final log entry:
“Things hove gone from bad to worse. For our best chance of survival I’ve gathered the remaining colonists in the hibernation pods. We’re going to barricade the door and hope we can wait this out. God help us if help doesn’t arrive soon.”
He directed the computer to use the remaining orbit-strength antenna to upload all publicly accessible logs to VL.

Hemp and Cujo explored a little way up the corridor and found that in places the walls are scattered with energy weapon scorch marks, dents, and old blood stains. There appear to be no life forms around.

Reunited the party start heading towards the central power core where the hibernation pods are located. As Spentas turns a corner he is confronted by a Pale Man ! Struck by terror he begins retching uncontrollably (15s). The PM comes around the corner and the rest of the party see him. Cujo (I think) is stunned for 5 seconds.

Ch 4 - Your worst nightmare

WTF ?!?

There’s a MF pale man here!

Kill the pale man

get to the hiber-hub

defend the hiber-hub


Bernadette Stunson describes the pale man as the man in her nightmares.

Ch 5 - Dreaming of home


Freaky shit.
“How are you feeling?… That’s how you look now” once per 30 mins or more for strong emotion.


He’s used all his super-power. Must recharge in orbit for 10 hours to TP or planeshift.


Yuff has a barrier around it, so VL can’t portal people down.

Base of tether has fuel for starfuries. Cryo pods can be used to ferry people down.

Barrier has twin-tentacle things shlupping around on it, ~1 / mile^2. They move semi-randomly in a ant-search style


in meta

After an hour on ship, in meta-space, people fall asleep.
Reports come through of “lots of freaky stuff”.
Some dreamers disappear from the ship.
Our heroes decide to knock ’em out with some gas to keep them unconscious, not dreaming.

Shift to mundane plane

Over the coming weeks ferry the colonists down to the ground.

Check in with Governor Jax. He wants our boys to check in on the other Alliance colonies.

Ch 6 - Meta-only
How come this planet's only in the meta?

Jumping joy

Jump to the star in meta which is not in normal.


There’s a Venus-like planet, a large Earth-like planet, and a Jovian (resolution unknown).

Transfer to Terran

During a 2-week low-energy transfer (to conserve fuel), while passing close to the Venusian the center of the ship experiences some severe faults, including a Geordie version of Victeur. Only Nathan experiences this as he’s on watch at the time.

Meanwhile, {John} is asleep and dreaming of problems with the ship.

The party decide to sleep in pairs from here on while in meta-space.

The Venusian planet is not very detailed. Looks like drawn with broad brush strokes.

At the Terran

The planet looks fully rendered and proper. Quite Earth-like and habitable.

Some orbital shenanigans ensue and a couple of plane-shifts. Net result VL takes 100 points of damage, and the planet is verified not present in normal-space. Over the next few days Nathan fixes 1/2 of it.

There is no sign of high technology. Global population maybe a few million. Mixed life signs. Odd domes around settlements and mountains.

Beam me down

The party take a gate to the planet surface. There they see up-close the odd domes that they clocked from orbit. They appear completely smooth and glass-like. Very much like the shell around Yuff, but not as thick.

A horse-and-cart a little way off proceeds towards the settlement. The 1/2-sized, sturdy-built occupants (2) look as if made of water/glass with a glow from inside. They do not respond when Nathan runs up and shouts “Hello”.

They go through the dome which does not appear to block their access at all.

Ch 7 - Called up


When the party touched the barrier they triggered an alarm in the city. 5 minutes later they were summoned to the mage-fort. They were each asked:

  • What is your true name?
  • What manner of demon are you?
  • What is your native plane? {green (Hemp), purple (Nathan), white, black (Cujo), blue}
  • What is your intent?
    Amesa Spen’tas resisted the compulsion and was quite indignant and insistent that he is not a demon.

Hemp wanted to know what the planes smelt of (le sigh). They smell of: dung, imagination, fire, death, mum’s bread.

Eventually they convinced Grand Summoner Geldar to let them out as they are not demons and maybe could help.



Starting around the time of the end of the war with the Horde, brought about by using Pierres Nidrell’s orb, some people began to fall sick. It would always affect the young. The sufferers would become lethargic for days, and strange blotches would appear on their skin. In some cases babies were affected and would die.

At first it was just a few here and there, and only in the capital, but gradually the problem got worse. Curiously it seemed to spread from the capital outwards, even if the villages and towns closed their gates and quarantined themselves, but has not gone more than 100 miles from there.

The greatest minds of the nation were set to working out what was causing the tide of frailty, and how it could affect Human, Elf, Orc and Goblin alike (for there had been green-skin bodies found). The great Felonious discovered that Geldar’s apprentice Synaris was able to summon from a strange new plane creatures which had suckers on their tentacles which matched the pattern of blotches that would appear on the skin of the afflicted.

The wizards studied and determined that there is a plane of energies and entities which was hitherto un-tapped, but now is all too accessible, and not just in a controlled, one-way fashion. Creatures in the purple plane can feed off of the life energy of those in this plane. It’s as if the distance between the planes has been reduced, or the barrier weakened.

As time has gone on though, the creatures have come in greater strength and variety. They target more of the populace, and with greater ferocity and fatality. This facility is designed to trap and study the new creatures to aid in the fight against them.

A Mission

The alarm rings and indicates 20 creatures breaking through the bubble. Can we banish you to the plane from which you came and have you fight for us?

There are 20 creatures approaching the city:

Ch 8 - Meta Fight

The fight


There are 20 creatures approaching


On the outskirts of the city, so there are some houses and attached fields / stables.


Amesa Spen’tas jetted over, encountered the tentacles outside the city, and got a Tetrapous on his face. Pressor-beamed it away and was teleported away while in a blackout. Shot down and caved in a roof.

Synaris dispelled the blackout and went with Amesa to the edge of the city where the tentacles were. They arrived at the same time as Hemp and Cujo. Hemp ran in to cast death touch on a Dipous. It worked, but he then got smacked by a tetrapous and fell unconcious. Nathan arrived (how convenient).
Cujo sliced some, Amesa disintegrated a couple, Nathan shot a few. The humans in the green plane summoned a few (6) away including a tetrapous. An illusory hexadecapous appears then vanishes when Nathan emptied a clip into it.

Eventually Amesa managed to disintegrate the other Octopous at which point the remaining tetra- and di-pouses teleported out or ambled away, or continued trying to hug the watery people who inhabit the purple plane.


Cujo heals Hemp. Synaris gets the crew teleported out of the purple.

Before Cujo can be taken out of the purple plane, a Dotriacontapous appears some way away, then a tide of monopouses teleport along and past him before the dotriacontapous departs and Cujo is summoned away.

Ch 9 - Recovery in the Green

Folks get some healing

Let’s take a trip to the edge of the village and see what (if anything) has happened in Green as a result of shennanigans in Purple.

Some folks are confused and disoriented, Think there was a wall fallen down, but it’s actually fine.

An evening in a tavern for Nate; others go to bed.

Following day

When well enough, the boys look at the probe-like thing from the black plane… and promptly blow it up.

There’s an alarm of a tentacle attack.

Spentas and Nate go into the purple to deal with (it turns out) a hexadecapous and 2 octopouses. One octopous gets summoned into the Green and promptly disected by Cujo. In the purple, an illusory hexadecapous delays folks for a moment. The remaining octopous tries to harm the guys but fails. Takes some damage. Both the octopous and the hexadecapous teleport away.

A dotriacontapous briefly appears, followed by a wave of monopouses.


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