Character aspects

Amesa Spentas

Alien bounty hunter +
Lack of empathy -
High tech survival space suit

  • extra bulky -
  • jet pack
  • space travel & survival
  • self repairing
    weapons officer
    Natural spacer


Space rasta mechanic +
Pacifist – cannot harm innocents -
Tech-curious spacer
Natural mechanic
Chilled out

Hemp (cmdr Norbert Patricia Hemp)

Former secret agent mute necromancer +
Disturbing voice (telepathy) -
Driven by duty
Bridge training
Computer programmer / hacker

Cujo (lt Lance Cujo Arroway)

Enigmatic duty-bound pilot +
French -
Cocky spaceship pilot
Aura of leadership
Observational learner

Character aspects

Portentous petraportals - Episode 7 (Yuffians in Space) DavidSwain